Ofield:The Autobiography of Public Relations Man Ofield Dukes 

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Professor, Syracuse University


President and CEO, Pettus PR, LLC and Founder & CEO, Nobody But God Ministries

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For those who have not had the pleasure of meeting him in person, Ofield Dukes, An Autobiography with Dr. Rochelle Ford and Rev. Unnia L. Pettus is his selfless gift to all of us.

Ofield’s autobiography is so intensely personal that you can hear him speaking the words. You know that he is speaking truth to power, and every word resonates with candor, passion, and honesty. More importantly, he shares his views on several topics, and he generously pays homage to many people with whom he worked over the years. He bears his soul, and we learn that he is a brilliant public relations strategist, a forward-thinking visionary, a collaborative leader, an excellent writer, a great teacher, a loyal friend, and a devoted family man.

This book is a must-read for aspiring public relations practitioners, and especially for those practitioners who don’t know who Ofield Dukes is, despite his extensive list of firsts. It should be required reading for all undergraduate and graduate communications programs across the country. Why? Because Ofield details how he used public relations and effective communications to solve myriad problems over the past 50 years. With an impressive client list, one would be surprised at how much influence he has had on 20th-century politics and business.

Thank you, Ofield. You have given so much to so many. Unsung, no more!


Debra A. Miller, Ed. D., APR Fellow PRSA

Past President/CEO of the Public Relations Society of America

In his autobiography, Ofield: The Autobiography of Public Relations Man Ofield Dukes, he aptly unfolds the details of a legacy for every professional to model. He has weaved a tale in words that continue to connect us to those movers and shakers he helped, and who likewise through his association and service to them, helped him to earn the Public Relations Society of America’s highest award, The Gold Anvil. And, at the end, he unselfishly bestows a list of life lessons and principles of success that will have a lasting impression on future public relations professionals and others, to come.


Kudos to the team of writers who were Ofield’s protégés, Dr. Rochelle L. Ford and Rev. Dr. Unnia L. Pettus, for making sure this memoir did not languish any longer. It is a must read for any student of journalism, public relations or American history with its depth and perspective on historical events that fill-in the gaps of stories others have told. You and the family deserve a world of thanks for giving us this gift from Ofield.

So, yes, Ofield, if there is anything you could have do for me, or for any of us, including those who didn’t know you, it is contained in this telling, honest and authentic memoir that reveals important life lessons and represents your greatest public relations achievement of your lifetime… and beyond.


Denise Rolark Barnes

Publisher, The Washington Informer

  “Ofield: The Autobiography of a Public Relations Man” is an easy-to read, fascinating chronicle of a man who advised, served and often led some of the most fascinating people in contemporary American history.

"The Autobiography of a Public Relations Man" traverses the world of politics, civil rights activism and the worlds of business. Readers are rewarded with intimate, insightful glimpses of US presidents, vice presidents, cabinet officers, Member of Congress, major business leaders and towering civil rights leaders.

"Ofield: The Autobiography of a Public Relations Man" It is a wonderful way to experience or re-live history because Ofield Dukes was at the epicenter of so many defining events."


Sharon Pratt

Former Mayor of Washington D.C.

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Book Events & Book Signings


February 12, 2018

                                        Book Signing at Syracuse University

                                        S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

                                        Syracuse, NY

February 7-8, 2018

                                        Virginia Tech University & Blue Ridge Chapter PRSA

                                         Blacksburg, VA

February 1, 2018

                                        The Museum of Public Relations Black History Month Celebration

                                        New York, NY


October 25, 2017

                                         Guest Lecture at Howard University

                                         Cathy Hughes School of Communications

                                         Introduction to Mass Communications Course

                                         Washington, DC

October 21, 2017

                                         Books & Brunch: AU Authors' Corner

                                         American University

                                         Washington, DC


October 21, 2017                   

                                         Ofield Dukes Excellence Awards

                                         Black Public Relations Society, Washington DC Chapter

                                         Washington, DC


October 9, 2017                     

                                         PRSSA National Conference Career Expo 

                                         Boston, MA


October 8, 2017                     

                                         PRSA International Conference Expo Syracuse Booth

                                         Boston, MA 


October 8 , 2017                     

                                         National PRSA Diversity Reception

                                         Boston, MA

October 7, 2017                      

                                         PRSA Educator's Academy Pre-Conference Session

                                         Boston, MA

September 21-22, 2017

CBCF Author's Expo

Washington, DC



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